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Press Releases

Mental Health America Announces Winners of 2020 Awards

June 06, 2020

Alexandria, VA—Mental Health America (MHA) is happy to announce today the 2020 recipients of the Clifford W. Beers Award, our Mental Health Corporate Excellence Award, the Innovation in Programming Award, the Media Award, the youth-focused mPower Award, and the George Goodman and Ruth P. Brudney Social Work Award.

MHA’s 2020 Clifford W. Beers Award will be presented to mental health advocate and Emmy Award-winning actor, Maurice…

Mental Health America Appoints New Board Members

June 06, 2020

Alexandria, VA — This past week, Mental Health America (MHA) held its Annual Delegate Assembly and voted in four new national board members. MHA is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of mental health and business professionals, affiliate leaders, people with lived experience, and advocates for our mission. Meeting quarterly, the Board directs the strategic objectives and policy of the organization. …

Mental Health America Releases May 2020 Screening Data; 88,000 Have Anxiety or Depression, and Results Point to Possible Epidemic of Suicidal Ideation

June 06, 2020

Alexandria, VA - More than 88,000 additional people have developed anxiety or depression as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new data released today by Mental Health America (MHA) from its online screening program.

In addition, more than 21,000 depression screeners reported thinking of suicide or self-harm on more than half the days – a number that suggests a coming wave of mental impacts that could be of epidemic proportions.

In May 2020, more…

When We Normalize Racism and Bigotry, We Do Violence to Our Mental Health

May 05, 2020

The following statement can be attributed to Paul Gionfriddo, president and CEO, Mental Health America

"The inexcusable and violent death of George Floyd as he begged for help has evoked both our rage and frustration. The person who caused the death by choking – a Minneapolis police officer – and three others were fired from their…

Mental Health America Achieves Milestone of 5 Million Mental Health Screenings

May 05, 2020

Alexandria, VA – Mental Health America (MHA) today announced that it has achieved a new milestone in its effort to make mental health screenings available to everyone free of charge. More than 5 million people have now completed an online mental health screening on its web site.

Launched in 2014 as a cornerstone of MHA’s “B4Stage4” program – through which MHA has explained that early detection and intervention are keys to the preservation of mental health and…

The Pandemic Mental Health Crisis: New Numbers Paint a Dire Picture

May 05, 2020

Alexandria, VA – Mental Health America (MHA) Screening Program, which provides free, anonymous mental health screens, shows roughly 18,000 more people sought help for anxiety or depression since pandemic began; nearly 14,000 considered suicide or self-harm in March and April.

At least 10,193 people experienced moderate to severe depression and at least 7,629 people screened moderate to severe for anxiety from late February through the end of April as a result of the…