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Monday, April 26, 2021
2:00 PM ET

[SAMHSA-Sponsored Webinar] Child and Adolescent Mental Health Crisis Services

A SAMHSA-sponsored webinar presented by Mental Health America will take place Monday, April 26, 2021, at 2:00 pm ET called “Child & Adolescent Mental Health Crisis Services.”

Rates of youth facing mental health challenges, including suicidality, are rising across the country. Often, communities lack youth-specific resources to help the individual in their moment of crisis and beyond. Alachua County Crisis Center’s team will discuss how youth-focused crisis interventions that integrate families, schools, and communities can create lasting change. 

This webinar will explore:

  • What advocates and mental health professionals need to know about effective mental health treatment for youth;
  • How advocates and community-based organizations can work with schools on risk assessment and providing clinical services;
  • Youth non-suicidal self-injury, and where that fits into crisis response; and
  • How families can support their child at home after a mental health crisis.  


  • Alexandria (Ali) Martinez – Director, Alachua County Crisis Center
  • Dr. Amanda DiLorenzo-Garcia – Mobile Response Team Coordinator, Alachua County Crisis Center

Alexandra (Ali) Martinez received her Master's and Specialist's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Florida in 2001.  She then worked for several non-profit organizations providing crisis intervention and counseling services to youth and families.  In 2006, Ali became the Training Coordinator for the Alachua County Crisis Center where she ran the training program for crisis line counselors and served as a supervisor and site coordinator for the Crisis Center's clinical programs. From 2012-2014, Ali worked at the University of Florida's Counseling and Wellness Center as a Student Counseling Specialist before returning to lead the Alachua County Crisis Center as Director. The Crisis Center receives over 40,000 calls a year through its local hotline and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  Additionally, the Center provides over 4000 hours of direct face-to-face services to people in distress through its counseling and mobile crisis outreach program. Since becoming Director, the Crisis Center has added three positions, acquired new funding, and expanded its programs and services for youth. The Crisis Center also provides extensive training throughout North Florida in crisis and suicide intervention. Training programs include workshops for teachers, guidance counselors, fire rescue and medical professionals as well as Crisis Intervention Team training for law enforcement and 911 operators. In 2017, Ali developed an annual conference sponsored by the Crisis Center to focus specifically on youth suicide prevention. This free event brings together approximately 100 attendees each year including youth, parents, teachers, law enforcement, and mental health professionals to build community awareness and collaboration on youth suicide prevention. Over the past 15 years, Ali has offered over 2200 hours of training and consultations on crisis intervention, family counseling, diversity, and suicide prevention.  Ali is the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition Region 3 Director and her speaking engagements have included presentations for the American Association of Suicidology, National Association of School Resource Officers, Florida Association of Hostage Negotiators, Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition, Florida Parks and Recreation Association, and the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services.

Amanda DiLorenzo-Garcia completed her doctorate at the University of Central Florida and her Master of Education and Education Specialist degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Florida. Her research interests include ambiguous loss and readjustment, grief and trauma, and self-compassion. Dr. DiLorenzo-Garcia studies the loss and growth experienced by family members of mass shootings survivors and primary survivors. Dr. DiLorenzo-Garcia works with the Alachua County Crisis Center as the Mobile Crisis Response (MRT) Coordinator. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and serves as the Secretary on the board of the Florida Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (FAMCD).