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Partner with Us

Mental Health America (MHA) recognizes and values collaboration as a fundamental cornerstone needed to effectively address the mental health needs of individuals and communities, we are dedicated to serving. 

Building on our legacy of advocacy, public education, and service we are highly vested in developing a comprehensive network of partners. 

We invite organizations and other entities who align with our mission to join us as partners. 

MHA Partners advance our mission and cause to empower communities to be better equipped and proactive in their overall health. 

Our goal is to develop partnerships that are unique and collaborative efforts. 


Want to join us as a partner and become a network of change?  We welcome the opportunity to hear about your organization and how we can work together. We vet each partnership request based on alignment with our mission, policies, and the area of focus and collaborative activities that each partner is interested partners. 

Please fill out the partnership request form to provide information about your organization and your interest in partnership with MHA. 

Below are the types of partnership opportunities available. If the partnership relationship you are interested in is not listed, please select “other” in the partnership request form and tell us more about your partnership idea. 

Type of Partnership Description
Corporate and Brand Corporations or brands interested in the development of mental health-focused initiatives and/or programs tied to MHA’s mission and vision.
Research Entities seeking to engage MHA in collaborative research projects and/grant opportunities that align with MHA programmatic areas of focus.
Workplace Mental Health Academic or nonprofit organizations that are interested in advancing mentally healthy workplace cultures and promoting positive employee mental health.
Community and Program Nonprofits and similar entities that engage with audiences different than that of MHA who are interested in working to develop co-branded public education and mental health awareness content, and/or knowledge and resource sharing to stakeholder groups.
Screening Organizations interested in supporting the enhancement of MHA’s Screening Program through promotion of the program, development of website content, and/or interest in being included on the screening website.
Fundraising Individuals or organizations seeking to support MHA financially through cause-marketing fundraising efforts.
Media Organizations and media focused efforts seeking to collaborate with MHA on public relation and/or media specific activities.

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